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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liz Byrski's Last Chance Cafe

Australian author and journalist Liz Byrski has penned a new novel, Last Chance Cafe, which follows the lives of several women as they wrestle with the challenges of ageing in a culture that celebrates youth and sex appeal.

Margot, Dot and Phyllida each face their own challenges in getting older - Margot is looking her disappointments in the eye and wonderinf if it's too late to change; serial campaigner Dot's angry and still looking for a cause; and faithful Phyllida's 50-year marriage is rocked by secrets come to light after her husband is rushed to hospital.

Byrski says she wrote the book to highlight the pervasive 'new sexism' rife in society today, and asks if the spirit of the '70s and '80s can be revived by women to once more challenge the status quo.

"More than three decades have passed since women fought to outlaw the sort of sexism that defined them by their appearance and sexuality. It was a battle that seemed to have been won, but in the first decade of the 21st century it's back," Byrski said.

"This new sexism is more pernicious than ever and it's infecting women's lives from childhood to old age."

Liz writes for a growing and still under-recognised audience of 50+ women looking for books that speak to them about their lives, and it looks like she has once again delivered a riveting read.

And in great news for Liz fans, she'll be touring Australia in April 2011 visiting all the capital cities - keep your eyes peeled for events via her website

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