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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Psychic world gets a shake-up

Lisa Williams is a refreshing breeze in the world of psychic literature.

With her punky hair, British accent and effervescent personality, she’s a different kind of ‘ghost whisperer’, one that’s refreshingly down-to-earth.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in psychics, you’ll be charmed by her lively personality, which leaps off the pages of her first book Life Among the Dead.

It goes without saying that if you’re sceptical of all things paranormal then Lisa isn’t for you.

But while her self-described psychic ability is ever-present in her story, it occasionally takes a back seat to her romantic entanglements, increasingly eclectic job portfolio and her loving family.

There’s the spiritualist grandmother and dance hall psychic ‘Airplane Granny’ who is something of a mentor for a young Lisa; her likeable entrepreneurial hubby Kev; gorgeous and wise-beyond-his-years tot Charlie; and the rest of the Williams gang – they are so endearingly normal (with the odd eccentric) they could be living around the corner.

But Lisa, Kev and Charlie are now all ensconced in the US after Lisa stumbled into a television deal after a reading for a celebrity client.

Her TV shows, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, and Voices From the Other Side, have rated through the roof in the US. And as she memorably relays in her book, the late Merv Griffin, who first discovered her amazing rapport with the camera and the public, still produces her show from the world of spirit!

After conquering the land of TV, Lisa now has her first book (even if it was a teensy bit ghost-written, in both senses of the word), which shares the story of how it all came to pass.

In some ways parts of her life remind me of one of my favourite fiction titles, The Extra Large Medium by Helen Slavin, a gentle and somewhat romantic tale about a young woman who is troubled by her sixth sense.

Happily for Lisa (and Annie, the chief protagonist in Slavin’s novel) both women come to accept their gifts and find love.

You can’t help but like Lisa, and as a result her book is impossible to put down. While I have happily skipped reading the scores of books written by psychics, mediums and others that have gone before, Lisa’s cheery smile that radiates from the cover was hard to pass up.

I’m now tempted to try and wrangle a ticket to see her show (she’s touring in Australia right now) – maybe not so much to have a conversation with dead people (after all, they never seem to have anything terribly interesting to say), but to see that dynamo personality in action.

Life Among the Dead by Lisa Williams, Hay House, RRP$26.95.

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